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Without air-vents or bags, Bare® Air-free provides pioneer technology in the feeding category offering three major advancements that exponentially reduce gas, colic and reflux symptoms in babies:

Dispenses AIR-FREE milk to prevent gas build up.
Feeds in UPRIGHT position to reduce regurgitation of stomach acids into the mouth.
Lets baby FLOW/PACE Control to discourage over-feeding behaviors.

Choose the Perfe-latch® Nipple, if your baby is exclusively breastfed and/or want to continue breastfeeding.
deep, wide latch + air-free feeding + flow/pace control = helps initiate, reinstate & extend breastfeeding while supplementing.

Choose the Easy-latch® Nipple, the easiest to latch on for your non-breastfed baby.
air-free feeding + upright position + flow/pace control = no more gas, fuss or reflux symptoms.


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