bare® air-free is not a bottle

Forget everything you know about baby bottles. Bare® Air-free is completely the opposite. It feeds air-free milk while right side up, with baby in an upright position, and lets the baby feed against gravity to control the flow and pace with suction. The combination of these benefits shows monumental health benefits for babies with colic, gas, spit ups, GER and GERD. Read the clinical study here. See “usage” to learn how to use Bare® in seconds.

Bare ® Air-free is for babies 0-18 months with severe gas, spit-up, daytime fuss, midnight colic, GER, GERS & diagnosed GERD.

Bare® Air-free allows you to expel the air by pushing the Air-plug® up, like a syringe. If your baby feeds less than 4oz, this size makes it really easy to have perfect air-free feedings. Learn how to use Bare® Air-free now.

Do not use the 8oz if you plan to feed less than 5oz. Bare® Air-free allows you to expel the air by pushing the Air-plug® up, like a syringe. You can’t expel more than 3oz of air with this size. Try the 4oz instead.

The short tip on the Perfe-latch® nipple allows for a deep/wide latch on the areola part of the nipple. Once seal is established and suction begins, the tip extends inside the baby’s mouth. This feature mimics a lactating breast to help start, reinstate and continue to breastfeed.

Choose this nipple if your baby is bottle-fed, does both (breast and bottle) or if you don’t plan to breastfeed. The longer, more standard shape, makes an easier transition from most available baby bottles.

Per directions, you will feed your baby in a 100% vertical-upright position, with face tipped down a bit, and hold Bare® right side up. This means your baby will feed against gravity and with suction only (think of a straw cup). This feature allows your baby to control the flow and pace of feeding like babies do while breastfeeding.

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