Bare® Air-free review by Arika Floyd


“I bought these bottles when my son was a baby, so about 5 yrs ago. I absolutely loved [the bottles] Bare® Air-free. Perfect for keeping air out of babes tummy.”

~Arika Floyd

“I absolutely loved Bare® Air-free” said Arika Floyd after trying even the first design on Bare® Air-free with her baby, five years ago. Since then, Bare® has gone through several upgrades and redesigns. About four reiterations to be exact. While the Air-free technology remained the same, the parts have been redesigned to be more user-friendly. Bare® Air-free is not an ordinary baby bottle and should not be used like one. Detailed instructions have been carefully drafted to address every situation on what to do and what not to do.

How do I know if Bare® Air-free is for my baby?

Bare® Air-free is a healthier alternative to baby bottles because it reduces severe gas, spit-up, daytime fuss, midnight colic, GER, GERS & diagnosed GERD. Bare® can be used with babies 0-18 months. If your baby is able to feed with suction and is experiencing any of the above symptoms, Bare® Air-free can bring a lot of relief. All you need to do is use Bare® as instructed. Happy baby, happy mommy!

Where can I buy Bare® Air-free

While our product is sold in major retailers like Buy Buy Baby, Walmart, and Amazon, we highly encourage you to buy directly from our small business e-commerce shop at And if you have any questions before or after your purchase, don’t hesitate to contact Rosie, our star customer concierge. Rosie and the Customer Support team are available to answer the call directly, without teleprompters or bots. We’re all very knowledgeable on Bare® Air-free, its functionality, how to get the best of benefits, how to introduce Bare® while breastfeeding, how to prevent nipple confusion, etc. There isn’t a question you have about Bare® that we cannot answer. Most importantly, we based our knowledge on proven science. Yes, Bare® Air-free is one of the very few consumer products for infant reflux relief that has been proven vastly effective during clinical trials.