Priska Diaz, mom, wife and CEO

Priska Diaz

Priska Diaz, Breastfeeding Advocate, Mompreneur, Founder & CEO of Bittylab

I’m Priska, mom of Carlton & Adriana. Also the Designer and Creator of Bare ® air-free baby bottles. When I gave birth to Carlton, my first baby, I had already decided he would be 100% breastfed. Three days later I introduced sips of water to satisfy a dryness in his mouth. At the seven-day checkup, the pediatrician told us Carlton was losing weight, his dry mouth was a sign of poor nutrition and I must supplement with formula. Reluctantly, I became a combo mom by bottle feeding between breast feedings. I tried all the leading baby bottles on the market but every bottle feeding turned my baby into a bag of gas leading to frustration and sleepless nights for the 3 of us.

One morning after another frustrating and sleepless night, I said out loud:

My breasts don’t have air-vents, why should baby bottles?

That’s when the right side of my brain took over and I developed a new device that not only looks like a breast but functions like one and most importantly, dispenses air-free milk.