I left my native Peru at the age of 17. Full of dreams and goals, I worked double shifts to learn English, put myself through college, and received a Bachelor’s degree, with honors, and a Master’s Degree, later on. By the time I was 30 I had held director and creative director positions for several worldwide known brands, had received numerous national and international design awards, had over 12 years of experience in several areas of design, and was ready to become a wife and a mother.

As a big supporter of breastfeeding, I was set to exclusively breastfeed my first son, but a low milk supply condition forced me to introduce formula bottles. My son immediately developed gas, colic, reflux, overfeeding, and stopped breastfeeding. My research showed that traditional baby bottles infiltrate air which babies swallow, creating gas build-up; they need to be turned upside down to feed, forcing the babies in a horizontal position which induces acid regurgitation; and a constant flow leads to overfeeding behaviors. My observations led me to disrupt the infant feeding category by designing a device that feeds babies air-free milk, while in an upright position and lets the babies control the flow and pace of feeding.

After the national launch in 2016, thousands of moms came together with a single voice saying, “my baby’s acid reflux is gone, in addition to gas and colic issues!” This discovery led to a pilot clinical study which resulted in a breakthrough: after using Bare Air-free for two weeks, 75 percent of babies no longer met clinical criteria for GERD. National statistics show that 66 percent of all 4-months suffer from severe symptoms of GERD, which includes irritation to the internal organs (NIH). I’m thrilled to announce that we are working towards making Bare® Air-free a medical device for the treatment and prevention of infant GERD.