Best anti-colic feeding system

Designed to feed upright

Pediatricians recommend an upright feeding position to:

  • Help prevent gas, colic, fuss & spit-ups
  • Calm acid reflux/GERD symptoms
  • Help prevent ear infections
  • Encourage proper feeding posture
  • Promote self-feeding
  • Stimulate bottle weaning
  • Improve transition to cups

Air-free milk + upright position
= best anti-colic bottle.

Up to 95% of gas symptoms gone

In an independent trial, we found that babies with diagnosed Acid Reflux and GERDS showed up to 95% of symptoms improved after feeding with Bare® for a couple of days. Some babies were even taken off the GERDS medication prescribed by their doctors.

When feeding in upright position,
gravity keeps food in the baby’s belly.


Flow-control Technology allows baby to control feeding pace and flow with suction strength.

Our Flow-Control® Technology gives the baby full control over the pace and flow of which s/he feeds to prevent overfeeding. Overfeeding is a main cause of spit ups and projectile vomiting.

Feed baby in upright position to avoid reflux.