Baby bottle prevents gas

The first and only feeding system designed to prevent gas, colic, and GER symptoms

  • Like a syringe, Air-plug® allows you to expel all air out of the bottle
  • Air-plug® moves automatically to deliver Air-free milk when your baby feeds
  • Minimizes air ingestion while feeding to help prevent gas and colic
  • The baby controls the flow for a more natural feeding

Less air ingestion means less GER symptoms

Your baby deserves healthier feeding

Bare prevents acid reflux

Whether you feed your baby breastmilk or formula, your baby may experience feeding discomfort if fed with traditional baby bottles. Bare® Air-free is designed to treat and prevent baby bottle side effects such as nipple confusion, gas, fuss, colic, and GER symptoms. 

Air-plug moves to deliver air-free milk

Air-swallowing worsen gas, colic and GER

Air-vents are bad for babies
  • Traditional baby bottles infiltrate and retain air which mixes with the milk causing air-swallowing and gas build up
  • Baby bottles work with gravity and need to be turned upside-down to feed forcing the baby into a horizontal feeding position which induces acid regurgitation while feeding
  • Free flow and easy feeding from baby bottles leads to breastfeeding disruption, overfeeding and obesity

air inside the bottle
+ horizontal feeding
+ free flow
gas, colic and exacerbates GER/GERD