baby bottles
baby bottles make your baby sick, very sick

Baby bottles are a very simple container. They feature an outlet easy for infants to extract milk or formula. However, the simplicity of this basic tool doesn’t outweigh its harmful side effects. For example, baby bottles abruptly disrupt breastfeeding, they make babies “lazy” with easy feeding, and clinical studies link baby bottles to obesity and tooth decay. Today, another quantum leap discovery adds up to the list of baby bottle side effects: Baby bottles are the main cause of painful gas, colic, and exacerbate GER and GERD symptoms in babies.

Have you ever heard: “You have a gassy baby?”. “Your baby is just a little fussy? it’s normal!”. Or your baby was DIAGNOSED(!) with GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease)? and subsequently, given prescription drugs? Last, you tried vented bottle after vented bottle with no results? Take a read at Jacob, Jace, and JaKoby’s parents and grandparents stories.

My baby is gassy(!)

Jacob was exclusively breastfed for the first 5 weeks. After introducing breastmilk in a baby bottle, he developed GER symptoms. Such as, a consistent projectile vomit, whining, very loud burps, and inconsolable crying. Jace, a healthy full-term baby, bottle-fed from day one, was diagnosed with silent reflux at 5 weeks of age. After every feeding he struggled to get the gas out, made grunting noises and cried for a long time. Restless nights were routine and loud whining noises made it hard to sleep next to him.

Cindy’s 29-week preemie grandson JaKoby was in the NICU for seven weeks. He had severe reflux (GERD) and Stridor. “We did everything the doctor told us to, like mixing the formula with rice cereal. We held him upright during and after feedings, burped him often, and fed him smaller amounts more frequently. Despite all this, the symptoms never got better. Every bottle we tried, like Dr. Browns, Tommee Tippee anti-colic, Playtex bottles that use the bags made him projectile vomit. NOTHING helped!!”

Like Jacob, Jace, and JaKoby, two out of three babies have symptoms of GERD, according to national statistics. GERD is a more serious and long-lasting form of GER and the stomach acid irritates the esophagus.

The end of gassy, fussy and GER babies

Bare mitigates acid reflux
Clinical study show that after switching to Bare® Air-free, babies no longer had GER symptoms.

A study published via a poster presentation at the International Feeding Matters Conference in 2017, explains that:

  • Feeding the babies with an air-free device (Bare® Air-free feeding system),
  • While in vertical-upright position, and
  • At the same time, letting the infants control the flow and pace of feeding.

Resulted in 75% of babies in the GER group to score well below the clinical criteria for GER. Additionally, babies in the control group (“gassy” and/or “fussy” babies) also showed significant improvement.

What about real-life stories?

Jacob, Jace, and JaKoby’s symptoms improved dramatically after using Bare® Air-free. Cindi, JaKoby’s grandmother says “Once I started my grandson on Bare, it was a life changer!! He showed improvement right after the first feeding. For the first time no projectile vomit, no tummy pains, and no endless crying. In contrast, he went from crying and throwing up to happy and smiling!! Additionally, his Stridor went away immediately!! The more we used Bare, the better he got. He doesn’t projectile vomit nor has severe gas anymore. His burps are much quieter, faster and easier. He hasn’t had any colic-like symptoms, neither he is restless in his sleep. As a result, he is a happier baby all around!!”

While more studies need to be done, the conclusions of this unprecedented device raise some serious questions for the baby bottle industry. Were these babies sick?, or were they exhibiting side effects caused by the baby bottles used (vented and bottles with liners).

JaKobi, 4 months. Corrected age is 5 weeks old (due to being 11 weeks premature)