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After feeding with Bare® Air-free baby bottles, Jacob didn’t show signs of gas, fuss and colic. Before Bare®, Jacob used an ordinary bottle to feed breastmilk, resulting in vomiting and inconsolable crying due to pain. Bare® Air-free with Easy-latch® nipple was able to prevent any air-swallowing while feeding in 100% upright position, eliminating any gas pains. At the second feeding, we got Jacob to latch on Bare’s Perfe-latch® nipple and ditch the nipple shield to prevent any air swallowing while breastfeeding in 100% upright position.


Jacob was breastfed for the first 5 weeks with a nipple shield resulting in occasional spits ups. He tried a traditional vented bottle for a week and resulted in consistent projectile vomit, whining and inconsolable crying. It is obvious that the bottle used was causing a major problem for Jacob. His Pediatrician didn’t seem concerned with the new problem, he called it “normal” and “Jacob needs to get used to it”.

After the first feeding with Bare® Air-free with Easy-latch® nipple, Jacob was calmed, quiet and content. No signs of gas pains, colic, didn’t vomit or spit up. The key was the upright feeding + air-free milk + flow control technology.

Although the we were called to solve the issue above, we noticed that Jacob could only breastfeed with a nipple shield, for this reason he swallowed air and resulted in minor spit up. Our Perfe-latch® nipple is able to train babies to create a deep wide latch on the areola part of the nipple and upon suction, the nipple extends inside the baby’s mouth to promote breastfeeding. During the second feeding, we introduce the Perfe-latch® nipple, after a few tries, Jacob fed about 1+oz. We asked his mom to breastfeed without a nipple shield, she couldn’t believe her eyes when Jacob latched right on the breast and was able to finish the feeding without the usual spit up.

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