A healthier alternative to baby bottles

Bare® Air-free
  • Designed for babies 0-18 months with severe gas, spit-ups, day-time/midnight colic, GER, GERS, and diagnosed GERD symptoms.
  • Clinical studies showed that 75% of babies no longer had GERD symptoms after feeding with Bare® Air-free for two weeks
  • Air-plug® moves with suction to provide true air-free feeding while in an upright position and lets the baby control the flow and pace.
Bare® Airfree benefits

Here’s how Bare® Air-free works

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Bare® Air-free vs. Baby Bottles

Bare® Air-free difference

Bare® Air-free features:

  • Dispenses true AIR-FREE milk to prevent gas build-up.
  • Feeds in an UPRIGHT position —against gravity— to reduce regurgitation of stomach acids into the mouth.
  • FLOW/PACE Control discourages over-feeding behaviors.
  • Together with the Perfe-latch® nipple, Bare® Air-free helps initiate, reinstate, and extend breastfeeding while supplementing.

Traditional baby bottles come in two forms: vented or bagged. Here’s how they work:

  • They infiltrate and retain air inside the container, which mixes with the milk, and the baby ingests it causing bloating and gas pain.
  • They need to be inverted to feed, which forces a horizontal feeding position and exacerbates regurgitation or spit-ups.
  • Gravity causes free-flow which leads to overfeeding and abrupt disruption of breastfeeding.

What are moms saying

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Mom inventor

Priska Diaz M.S. is the mom-inventor of the Bare® Air-free feeding system. Priska’s baby suffered from painful gas and colic, like 80% of babies. So she designed and engineered a feeding system, based on the function of a syringe. This new technology feeds the baby AIR-FREE milk, while in an UPRIGHT position and lets the baby control the FLOW/PACE of feeding. With over 100,000 units sold, Bare® Air-free has been featured in many local and national news outlets. It won the Gold Award in the 2015 international Edison Awards for design and innovation and is part of the permanent collection of the RedDot Gallery.
Bittylab is a New York-based, woman-owned, MedTech start-up that designs and develops products for infants.