A healthier alternative to baby bottles

75% of babies no longer showed GER symptoms after using Bare® Air-free for 2 weeks*
*clinical trial

For babies 0-18 months with severe gas, spit-up, daytime fuss, midnight colic, GER, GERS & diagnosed GERD.

Bare® Air-free benefits

True Air-free Milk

Benefit_AirFreeSyringe technology defeats air-ingestion and helps prevent gas build-up.

Upright Feeding Position

Feeds against gravity, while in a vertical-upright position, to dramatically reduce spit-ups.

Flow & Pace Control

Benefit_Flow-controlBabies control the flow and pace of feeding to discourage over-feeding behaviors.

Perfe-latch® Nipples

Benefit_Perfe-latchThe tip extends upon suction to allow a deep/wide latch and promote breastfeeding.

How does Bare® Air-free work?

The Bare® difference on Gastroesophageal Reflux

Bare® Airfree_vs_othersBARE® AIR-FREE
A clinical study shows that 75% of babies no longer met the clinical criteria for GERD after feeding with Bare® Air-free for two weeks*
Bare Air-free_vs_PrescriptionPRESCRIPTION DRUGS
Studies show these are ineffective & cause side effects like lethargic behavior, blood in the stool, liver disease, bone fracture, and pneumonia, among others*
Bare Air-free_vs_formulaBRANDED FORMULA
Typically used for babies exhibiting allergies to cow milk-based formula and breastmilk*
Bare® Air-free_vs_babybottlesBABY BOTTLES
Air infiltration, horizontal feeding position and easy feeding from bottles (vented or bagged) worsen acid reflux symptoms*
Bare® Air-free_vs_gasdropsOVER THE COUNTER DROPS
OTC medications are not intended to treat or prevent GER, GERS nor GERD*
Bare Air-free_vs_probioticsSUPPLEMENTS
Unregulated supplements are forbidden for babies under 12 months*

*see reference here

What are moms saying

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Mom inventor

Priska Diaz M.S. is the mom-inventor of the Bare® Air-free feeding system. Priska’s baby suffered from painful gas and colic, like 80% of babies. So she designed and engineered a feeding system, based on the function of a syringe. This new technology feeds the baby AIR-FREE milk, while in an UPRIGHT position and lets the baby control the FLOW/PACE of feeding. With over 100,000 units sold, Priska and her invention have been featured in many local and national news outlets.
Bittylab is a New York-based, woman-owned, MedTech start-up that designs and develops products for infants.