preemie with GERD


Cindy L. a Grandma who couldn’t stand seeing her grandson, a preemie with GERD and Stridor, suffering from the severe symptoms. She stepped up and combed the internet for solutions. She found Bare® Air-free feeding system, which saved her grandson from the painful and dangerous symptoms.

Cindy from Forsyth, MO explains her ordeal. “My grandson JaKobi was in the hospital for seven weeks because he was born 11 weeks early. He had severe reflux (GERD) [Gastroesophageal reflux disease], and a condition known as Stridor. When the nipple flow was too fast the milk obstructed his airway causing a high-pitched whistling sound. Due to the GERD, the Dr. recommended he be kept upright. Even while asleep, he couldn’t lay flat, he had to lay at a 13° angle at all times.

Feeding time was very stressful. Every bottle we have tried making him projectile vomit. We tried Dr. Browns, Tommee Tippee anti-colic, Playtex bottles that use the bags and it never mattered… I asked nurses and Dr’s about other bottles to try, but they were no help!! always recommending the same bottles. We did everything they told us to, but NOTHING helped!! The Dr. and the Occupational Therapist put him on infant formula with added rice to help combat the Stridor and GERD. Yet the symptoms didn’t get better, they literally told us to do the following to reduce his GERD.

Recommendations to reduce GERD

  • Hold him upright during and after feedings
  • Burp him often
  • Feed him smaller amounts more frequently

It was then when it all made sense. I said Bare-Air free bottles would be perfect!! If we used the Bare bottles that it would be better because we can feed him upright without putting excess air in his belly. I explained to the nurses how the nipple worked and that he had better control over how fast or slow the flow was to help his stridor… but they were resistant to this new idea and discouraged us from trying it!! Even, I gave the Occupational Therapist the info about Bare-Air free so she could look into herself, but she didn’t. I wasn’t happy with that answer…

At home with a preemie with GERD

Once we got home my daughter still tried to follow doing what they said. But he would just cry for hours after eating and have projectile vomiting, be super gassy, and just plain miserable. Even in his sleep, he would constantly grunt like he still had air in his belly… he never got a restful sleep.

I finally said that’s it! And ordered 2 of the 4oz Bare-Air free systems. Once I started my grandson on Bare, it was a life-changer!! From his FIRST feeding, he already improved!! For the first time no projectile vomit, no tummy pains, and no endless crying. He went from crying and throwing up to happy and smiling!! His Stridor went away immediately!!

The more we used Bare, the better he got. He doesn’t projectile vomit or has severe gas anymore. He burps much faster and easier too. And hasn’t had any colic-like symptoms. He isn’t restless in his sleep anymore. He is a happier baby all around!! I remember sending my daughter a text about how well he did on the Bare-Air free bottles and how they were going to be a lifesaver!!  JaKobi will be 4 months old in 9 days!! (his “corrected age” is 5 weeks old due to being 11 weeks premature).

Baby with silent reflux finds relief with Bare Air-free

What’s best for preemies with Stridor and GERD

The Bare system has been amazing!! Thank you for a great product and for giving me back a happy grandson!! I really feel that Bare systems are by far the BEST bottles ever invented!! My 4 kids could have gladly used them, especially my daughter, she was MISERABLE as a baby… I felt so heartbroken for her. That’s why I’m glad I found these for her son, I honestly feel that if I had these bottles for her 21 years ago she would have been a happier baby!! I’m very passionate about these bottles and tell EVERY new mom they need them for their babies!! Even if they don’t have feeding/tummy issues I still recommend them because I feel they will prevent issues and keep the baby happy and healthy. Thank you so much for these amazing bottles that have made my grandson happy!!!

Thank you for sharing our story… I hope our story helps parents of preemies with GERD going through the same thing, and that more hospitals will start using/recommending Bare-Air free feeding system to all babies especially premature ones!!