Our mission is to deliver innovative, functional & technologically advanced products designed to solve specific baby & mother needs.


We, at Bittylab support and encourage families to breastfeed their babies for as long at they can, as breast is always best. For this reason, we have created our Bare Air-free, a.k.a.“Your breastfeeding aid”. Bare with Perfe-latch nipple helps moms start, continue and extend the breastfeeding relationship. Bare® promotes the same latch, suction and control the flow and pace of feeding, resulting in extending breastfeeding and, in some cases, breastfeed for the first time.

Some parents cannot always breastfeed at every mealtime and have to resort to intermittent feeding with baby bottles. Introducing ordinary baby bottles can prematurely wean the baby off the breast. Bare® Air-free is designed to feed the baby when mom is not available without disrupting the breastfeeding relationship. Bare® Air-free functions like the breast to reduce nipple confusion. Our biggest dream at Bittylab is to help raise the breastfeeding statistics in the US.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control:
70% of new mothers initiate breastfeeding
36% are breastfeeding at 6 months,
17% are breastfeeding at 12 months

Another alarming statistic is that 2 out of 3 babies will be diagnosed with acid reflux in the US*. Reflux, GER and gas issues are extraordinarily painful for most babies and we help them too. Bare is the only bottle that feeds in upright position, air-free milk and lets the baby create the suction and control the flow and pace of which he feeds. The combination of these 3 benefits exponentially reduces the reflux and GER symptoms in babies.

Bare’s line of air-free baby bottles is the first of many products in the works by Bittylab. Launched in June of 2013, Bare® Air-free baby bottles redefined the baby bottle category. It offers a design that adapts to baby’s feeding habits, not the other way around. Every component of Bare® air-free plays a critical role in mimicking the mother’s breast.