Our mission is to deliver innovative, functional & technologically advanced products designed to solve specific baby & mother needs.

Bittylab, LLC, is a WBE Certified, MedTech start-up that designs and develops products for infants.

Bare® Air-free is a feeding system that feeds baby AIR-FREE milk, in UPRIGHT position & lets baby CONTROL the FLOW/PACE of feeding. These three advancements exponentially reduce gas, colic, and GER symptoms.

A pilot clinical study shows that 75% of babies in the GERD group no longer met the clinical criteria for GERD after feeding with Bare® Air-free for two weeks.

Bittylab is currently in the process of regulatory compliance. Bare® Air-free aims to become the first low-risk and non-pharmacological medical device for treatment and prevention of infant GER and GERD.

66% of 4-month old babies suffer from severe symptoms of GER and GERD in the US*. Moreover, near 85% of premature babies have extended stay at the NICU because of GERD and complications due to GERD**. GERD, GER, and gas issues are extraordinarily painful for most babies. Bare® Air-free helps prevent and minimize the symptoms by feeding in an upright position, providing air-free milk, and letting the baby control the flow and pace with suction. The combination of these 3 benefits is clinically proven to reduce the GER and GERD symptoms in babies.