flow-control technology

Flow-Control® Technology & automatic pacing

Different size orifices on its tip, dispense different flow rates controlled by the baby’s sucking strength:

  • With weaker suction (i.e. a newborn’s) only one orifice dispenses (flow similar to a standard newborn nipple)
  • With stronger suction (i.e. a 10-month-old baby) all the other orifices dispense (similar to a mom’s breast)

Our Flow-Control® Technology gives the baby full control over the pace and flow of which she feeds to prevent overfeeding and nipple confusion.

Like nature intended

What’s the flow of the breast?

Bare® Air-free nipples work closer to the breast than those of baby bottles. Thanks to the innovative Flow-Control® Technology your baby controls the flow and pace just like she does at the breast. You don’t have to keep guessing what stage to buy next.

Bare®; technology beyond the nipple

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