Extreme gassiness


“Extreme gassiness, micrognathia (recessed jaw), high palate, weak tongue function, and central sleep apnea. It was very difficult to feed until Bare® Air-free. I was amazed after the first feeding I gave him. He took to it instantly…”

~ Hannah Riley

Extreme gassiness and more

My little guy had a rough start to life. He was extremely fussy and never seemed happy for the first few weeks of his life. Failure to thrive led to a hospital admission at 5 weeks. We discovered he had micrognathia(a recessed jaw), high palate, weak tongue function, extreme gassiness, and central sleep apnea. For the next 10 weeks, we struggled to feed him. I was working full time and my husband had a lot of difficulty syringe feeding him while I was at work because that’s the only way we could feed him, besides a supplemental nursing system when I breastfed him. He couldn’t take bottles at all.

When I discovered Bare® Air-free [bottles] system, I was desperate and immediately took the plunge. I was amazed after the first feeding I gave him. He took to it instantly and it took him maybe 10 minutes to feed him when it normally takes 40. It is surprising to see he is now able to create suction to feed on his own. I’m not sure what feature of the Bare® Air-free [bottle] makes it easier for him with his medical issues but feeding him is definitely a breeze now and it’s really nice. This is the only bottle he can take. It has been such a miracle for us. His gassiness is basically gone, and feedings are so much less stressful than before. I’m so thankful for these bottles. My son is definitely thankful too 😊

~ Hannah Riley

gassy baby with sleep apnea

Why does Bare® Air-free reduce gassiness in babies?

A clinical study shows that constant air infiltration from vents and air retention in bagged bottles aggravates gas, colic, and spit-ups. In contrast, Bare® Air-free’s syringe-like technology eliminates air from the container and keeps it out so babies feed air-free milk. This together with vertical-upright feeding position and allowing the baby to control the flow and pace, has shown to dramatically minimize the symptoms of severe gas, colic, spit-ups, gastroesophageal reflux (GER), and other feeding difficulties.

Air-swallowing causes extreme gassiness

We know syringes cannot contain any air when delivering medicine to the veins. Therefore, Bare® Air-free design is, basically, an oversized syringe that works with baby suction. However, It is extremely important to follow the assembly instructions and way of feeding. Learn how to use Bare® Air-free in just a few minutes by watching the video below. For more information and step-by-step upright feeding, instructions visit our FAQ page.