reducing spit-ups


Reducing spit-ups in babies with reflux or sensitive tummies. #SuperheroMom of the week!!
The Pediatrician recommended to thicken the formula with cereal but her baby’s acid reflux symptoms didn’t go away. She then took it upon herself to try Bare Air-free Feeding System by Bittylab and now he’s feeling much better!!

~ Taylor O.

Reducing spit-ups in babies with reflux

This week’s #SuperHeroMom is Taylor O. Taylor followed her Pediatrician’s instruction and fed her baby thickened milk. However, this recommendation did not help with the constant regurgitation. Her baby is diagnosed with acid reflux, a condition that plagues most babies. The Pediatrician’s recommendation was ineffective at eliminating or reducing spit-ups. Like most moms, Taylor looked for help elsewhere and found Bare® Air-free.

“My son is trying out one of your bottles right now and he seems to really like it and we usually thicken the milk a little bit with some cereal because he had acid reflux but so far he hasn’t spit up anything”

~Taylor O’Brien

Bare® Air-free is effective at reducing spit-ups

Reducing spit-ups in babies is a challenge for the Pediatric community and the technological industry. There is a large population affected by gastroesophageal reflux (GER). Despite this, there is no available solution that’s effective at reducing the symptoms of the painful condition. Bare® Air-free’s unique patented design hits the trifecta of benefits: First, Air-free milk. Then, upright feeding position. Last, flow and pace control. These benefits are clinically proven to stop, prevent, or dramatically reduce symptoms of GER. A pilot clinical trial shows that 75% of babies no longer had GER after using Bare® Air-free for two weeks. The unprecedented results give the Pediatric community a highly affordable, safe, and very effective solution at mitigating symptoms of GER, GERD, and variations of the condition.

Symptoms of GER

The most common symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux (GER) are:

  • gas
  • spit-ups
  • projectile vomit
  • pain
  • inconsolable crying
  • daytime fuss
  • night-time colic
  • respiratory difficulties
  • weight loss
  • irritation to internal organs.