The quest to find Bare® babies, reality show webisodes S1E3

Bare® Air-free feeding system help Jace, a 5-week old, suffering from silent reflux. Jace’s mom describes his condition as one of the worst kinds of reflux because her baby doesn’t spit up the acid, he just keeps swallowing it down. Jace feels pain when the acids come back into his esophagus and again when he swallows it. Mealtime for him means inconsolable crying, wrestling to get gas out, and a lot of crying. Restless nights are routine and loud whining noises make it hard to even sleep next to him.

The first step towards getting rid of this agony was to position Jace in an upright position. Jace’s pediatricians suggested to keep him elevated at all times, 100% upright at least while feeding is key. At the same time as gravity is keeping the food down in the belly, Jace has the opportunity to control the flow and pace of which he drinks with suction strength, as Bare feeds only upon suction and in any position. If he stops sucking, no food is dispensed which helps to prevent overfeeding. After feeding about 3oz of milk in a Bare® Air-free feeding system with Easy-latch nipple, Jace finally found relief after a meal. The first thing he does is smile at mommy, we think as gratitude, then he takes a long, quiet nap.