Bare 8oz Twin pk w/Perfe-latch nipple


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Your baby is exclusively breastfed

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Bare Air-free 4oz Twin pk.
w/ Perfe-latch nipple

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best bottles breastfed babies
Bare Air-free Starter Set
w/ Perfe-latch nipple

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This product contains:

  • (2) Perfe-latch caps
  • (2) Perfe-latch nipples
  • (2) Collars
  • (2) 8oz size bottle containers
  • (2) Air-plugs
  • (2) feet


When to use:

  • If your baby is 6+ months
  • If your baby drinks more than 4oz of milk
  • If you are (or will be) breastfeeding your baby

Pefe-latch Nipple
Flow-control Technology allows baby to control feeding pace and flow with suction strength.
Perfe-latch® Nipple supports & promotes breastfeeding

  • The Perfe-latch® nipple features a short teat to stimulate baby to latch on the areola part of the nipple.
  • The teat extends upon suction to help prevent nipple confusion.
  • Flow-Control® technology: different size orifices on the tip allow baby to control feeding pace and flow with suction strength.
  • Air-plug® & Perfe-latch® nipple work in synergy to mimic the breasts’ flow resistance & suckling motion.
  • Proven to extend the breastfeeding relationship when supplementing.
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Bare’s original Perfe-latch® nipple extends upon suction to emulate the mechanics of breastfeeding to minimize nipple confusion. The new Easy-latch® nipple is the easiest to latch on for bottle-fed babies. With breakthrough Air-plug® technology that works similar to a syringe and without the use of air-vents, Bare dispenses air-free contents to your baby to help reduce gas/colic.

“Breastfeed for as long as you can, we’re here to help”



Bare® Air-free works very differently than any baby bottle you've ever know. Please take a minute to watch the instructional video to get the most Bare® has to offer.
Happy Bare-feeding!!

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions5.75 × 2.85 × 7.375 in

Dishwasher-safe – top rack ONLY


Please take a minute to watch the instructional video and browse thru our detailed usage & care section.


Free of: BPA, Lead, PVC, Phthalates and Nitrosamines. Plastic FDA approved: Polypropylene and silicone. Dishwasher-safe.




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