Easy-latch® Nipple

  • Specially designed for bottle-fed babies who suffer gas & colic
  • Easiest to latch with anti-drip technology
  • Flow-Control® technology: different size orifices on the tip allow baby to control feeding pace and flow with suction strength
  • Air-plug® & Easy-latch® nipple work in synergy to promote suckling motion

Best anti-gas/ anti-colic system
for bottle-fed babies

Flow-Control® Technology

Different size orifices on its tip, dispense different flow rates controlled by the baby’s sucking strength:

  • With weaker suction (i.e. a newborn’s) only the larger orifice dispenses (the large orifice is about the orifice of a standard newborn nipple)
  • With stronger suction (i.e. a 10 month old baby) all the other smaller orifices dispense (like the mom’s nipple)

Our Flow-Control® Technology gives the baby full control over the pace and flow of which s/he feeds to prevent overfeeding and/or developing preference for the bottle.

Like nature intended