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Everything you need to know about feeding your baby from 0-24 months

tips to prevent gas and colic in babies

6 tips to prevent gas and colic in babies

When I was advised by my pediatrician to supplement breastfeeding with formula feedings due to my low milk supply, I turned my beautiful baby boy into a bag of gas every time I bottle-fed him. He and I suffered through hours of crying due to painful gas pains, leading to colic and spit ups. While […]

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A New Bare Air-free Baby Bottle

We heard you and are diligently working on: That’s right! This is only the beginning of the most advanced baby bottle: Bare V2. Help us get there faster with a Grant from Chase, Vote now. Register to hear more Bare® air-free baby bottle uses a patent-pending fluid dispensing technology with moving parts (similar to […]

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Breastfeeding tips

As a mum who breastfed 2 babies, I can give you a few tips on what to do when you face a problem. Before you choose to breastfeed or formula feed, please educate yourself about the unmatched benefits of breastfeeding (for you and your baby). In my opinion, supplemental feeding should be introduced only if […]

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After refusing all other bottles she tried. Bare® was well received.

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Send us a video of your baby using Bare® and receive 2 Bare Air-free Baby Bottles (choice of size). Send us a picture(s) of your baby using Bare to be automatically entered to win our 8oz Bare Twin Pack. The pictures or videos will be posted on our Social Media channels, websites or shared by […]

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latina magazine Priska Diaz

Peruana empresaria destacada en la revista “Latina”

El bebe de 3 meses de Priska Diaz sufría de cólicos de gases que se agravaban después de cada biberón. Diaz no pudo amamantar a su bebe debido a un bajo suministro de leche y su pediatra recomendó suplemento de fórmula, que no solo causó los cólicos sino también que su bebito empezó a rechazar […]

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Does technology contribute to human evolution?

Great advances in technology have made the unimaginable possible. However, some industries, like the baby bottle industry, have stood still for several decades. In this picture, an 11-month old baby is trying to feed herself with her vented baby bottle. As tiny as she is, she figured out Newton’s Law of Gravity: “one must turn […]

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How to get a free Bare Air-free baby bottle

We often get requests for free samples of Bare® Air-free baby bottles. Because we are ready to launch a new line of Bare® air-free baby bottles very soon, we have stopped offering free samples of our original Bare®. Instead, we will be sampling the new a new line of Bare® air-free baby bottles. For more […]

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Diaper changing 101

Changing a diaper is a skill that calls for organization, commitment, patience and takes a lot of practice to master. Your mission is to remove the steamy matter (hopefully all on the diaper) in less than 55 seconds, as I said, it takes practice. Remember that your innocent partner, wrapped around the ticking clock, lacks […]

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A Valentine’s Card from Mommy to my baby.

We never know when are we really “in love”. Is love desire? Is love trust? Is love real? I’m in love. I know it because day after day I look forward to: See your big bright eyes filled with excitement to see me; Pick you up in my arms and hold your small body close […]

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