Baby Feeding

Whether you are a new parent with your firstborn or this is your second or possibly third child, you may run into some feeding challenges.

Many infants are born with acid reflux, but they may not get officially diagnosed by a physician until they are approximately four months old. Now, you can assist your baby to minimize the symptoms of acid reflux.

Importance of Milk Flow for Feeding

Finding out what is the optimized milk flow for your baby can be a guessing game. If the flow is too slow, your baby may get frustrated by the milk restriction. They may cry and end up swallowing a lot of air, leading to gas build up on top of the reflux symptoms. Now, if the flow is too fast, the baby can choke or overfeed, which encourages regurgitation and projectile vomit. Both of these scenarios worsen acid reflux.

A healthier alternative is Bare® Air-Free Feeding System, which offers automatic pace/flow-control, among other benefits. Mom’s breast don’t come with nipple stages. Bare®‘s new technology allows the baby to control the pace and flow with suction, just like breastfed babies do.

Different size openings on its tip, open and close to dispense different flow rates controlled by the baby’s sucking strength. Less suction equals a slow flow and stronger suction equals a fast flow. This feature, overlooked by the feeding industry, is particularly important.

At the beginning of the feeding time, the baby may require more flow, since they are usually hungrier when starting. As the belly fills up, the suction effort naturally decreases and eventually stops. Bare’s flow rate increases or decreases with the baby’s suction effort. If the baby doesn’t create any suction, then Bare® doesn’t dispense any milk. This encourages the baby to exercise the jaw muscles for proper development.

Pace/flow-control is only one of the healthier benefits that Bare Air-free feeding system offers your baby. Purchase now or learn more

*Must be used as instructed. Ask your doctor or nurse about the many benefits that Bare® has to offer your baby.*