Babies suffering with acid reflux can be devastating depending on its severity. Bare® Air-free feeding system has helped thousands of babies overcome the painful symptoms. Statistics show that 2 out of 3 babies endure acid reflux, AKA GERD, in the USA. A recent clinical study shows that Bare® eliminates Acid Reflux symptoms in 75% of babies, in the first 2 weeks. What are you waiting for, you now have the power to stop your baby’s pain!  Shop now.

Identifying Acid Reflux (GER) in babies?

Leah Hargreaves tells us her story via email:

I am writing from the UK & after having some of these [Bare®] bottles picked up from the states, I have to say I am over the moon! My little girl has a feeding tube due to reflux and before I found these bottles my son was going down the same path. This has all changed since using the Bare® bottles so for that thank you 🙂

A 3-month-old baby boy stops symptoms of acid reflux by using Bare® Air-free feeding system.

How severe can Acid Reflux (GER) be in babies?

I watched a video that was shared through Facebook about Bare bottles. At the time I was 5 months pregnant and didn’t really think about it too much as I was holding hope out we wouldn’t have had 2 children the same. However he is now 12 weeks – the problems started at around 3 weeks. Due to everything we went through with our little girl, I knew very early on we were starting on the same path.

It would take him 3 hours to feed a 5oz bottle and then 1 hour winding. We would have an hour rest before he wanted his next bottle. After having this for weeks, I remembered about the [Bare®] bottles. I searched everywhere for them with no luck :(. My mum, while on holiday in America, kept an eye out for them.

Signs of Reflux relief

We are on our 1st week using Bare® and I now feel human again! He is a much happier baby. Feeding him is a beautiful thing now – we were at the point last week of arguing over who’s turn it was to feed him (and not in the nice way of ‘oh I want to feed him’).

He finishes all of his bottle in a fraction of time with no tears or pains. He no longer needs winding part way through and has a couple of burps after then back to smiling. Even better is that the future is looking good now. All I could see ahead before was more sleepless nights, screaming days and that many hospital appointments I couldn’t count. Now it’s peaceful. We’re sleeping and have a discharge appointment from the hospital :).

I worried about putting the bottle together as I was reading the instructions before I got the bottle thinking that seems a lot of work for a feed, however it’s so simple my little girl is 4 and even she can do it! The design is lovely. It’s really light and well-made :). I honestly cannot praise them high enough. My only downfall is they are not available in the UK 🙁