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Breastfeeding is no longer for the stay at home mom only, in fact most breastfeeding moms do need to be away from their babies at some point, they do go back to work, they do have other children to attend, they do get sick or take medication and need to feed the baby with alternative options. My doctor said that 99.9% of moms who lactate will develop mastitis or thrush at one point which usually leads to involuntary, premature weaning. This is no longer the case. Finally, help is here. An artificial nipple that makes the baby create the same latch as he/she does at the breast, paired up with the proper resistance and suction that the breast offers while feeding the baby, creates the perfect “breastfeeding aid” device. “Bare® Air-free baby bottle doesn’t replace breastfeeding, it only helps to bridge the times mom needs a break or is not available and baby needs to be fed without causing nipple confusion, gas or involuntary weaning.” says Priska Diaz, mom-inventor and founder and CEO of Bittylab, makers of the Air-free feeding systems.

Bare® Air-free helped Raelynn breastfeed directly on the mother’s breast for the first time, rather than with a nipple shield. She couldn’t get a good latch on the nipple shield and she was swallowing a lot of air. Her mom had to give her gas drops with every feeding. Raelynn was able to feed from Bare Air-free baby bottles, the first and only bottle she took without drooling milk out of her mouth.

Bare® has helped improve Raelynn’s latch on the breast leading to a gas-free breastfeeding session. Dad and other family members are now able to participate in the feedings thanks to Bare® Air-free baby bottles.
Recommendation, breastfeed Raelynn first, if she gets too frustrated or can’t latch on the breast, Bare-feed her a few ounces, then put her back on the breast.

Bare® Air-free baby bottles with Perfe-latch nipples are available at Babies “R” Us stores as well as on the well as at