Has your baby been swallowing air? Yes, it is just one of those things that is unavoidable! Babies swallow air all the time, under various circumstances.

air swalloing

It could happen while they are crying, laughing, breathing through their mouth, swallowing saliva, sucking on a pacifier, etc. Air swallowing becomes a problem when it happens before and during feeding. Then, it can turn into bloating, gas, abdominal pain, burping issues, and even exacerbate acid reflux.

According to Dr. William Sears, M. D. “Babies with GERD cry because they hurt, and uncomfortable crying increases pressure inside the abdomen and aggravates reflux. Crying also increases air swallowing and trapped stomach bubbles, which also aggravates the condition.”

Preventing Air swallowing while feeding:

  • Beat the clock! If you know your baby feeds every 2 hours, simply set an alarm for 1 hour and 45 minutes, so it allows you time to prepare for the feeding. This way you can start the feeding before your baby starts crying from hunger and swallow air right before feeding.
  • Feed your baby with an Air-free feeding system. All vented bottles introduce air into the bottle, therefore they will increase the chances of air swallowing. Bare® Air-free feeding system allows you to expel the air out of the container so your baby doesn’t have to deal with it.
  • Keep your baby in an upright position. This way, gravity keeps the food and acids in their bellies. The Australian-hold while breastfeeding is a great option to keep babies in an upright position. When feeding with, Bare® don’t turn it upside down like traditional bottles, Bare® works with suction and no gravity. This feature allows you to feed the baby comfortably in a 100% upright position, even when the baby’s face is tilted down slightly at their own pace.prevent air swallowing

Severely gassy baby overcomes 3 months of colic

These simple tips can help in soothing your baby and prevent air swallowing. Their feeding issues should ease down or even subside. A recent clinical study showed that 100% of babies who switched their bottle to Bare® Air-free feeding system had an overall 52% improvement in the feeding issues, regardless of contents.

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