Best feeding positionfor babies with Acid Reflux

Upright feeding position for babies with Reflux is one of the best-kept secrets to a happy, comfortable baby. According to healthline, “A horizontal position makes it easier for the stomach contents to reflux into the esophagus”. The undeveloped digestive system is the reason why all babies are prone to experience acid reflux symptoms. Furthermore, a pilot clinical study concluded that babies showed an average of 52% reduction of gas, colic and acid reflux symptoms after feeding in an upright position with an air-free device.*

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Here are 4 of the best upright feeding positions for babies with reflux. Try them out and see the results. Your baby should sleep peacefully and hopefully you will, too. Happy baby, happy mommy!  Right?

*122 infants in the study were fed with Bare Air-free feeding system, a device that dispenses air-free milk, while in an upright position and lets the babies control the flow and pace.

4 Best Upright Feeding Positions for Babies with Reflux

Feeding positions for babies with reflux:

  1. Australian Hold

    This is one of the most comfortable feeding positions if you are sore from a C-section:
    End GERD when breastfeeding
    a. Sit down on the bed or sofa;
    b. Sit the baby on your lap, facing you, with his/her torso upright;
    c. Hold the back of the baby’s head with your palm fully opened;
    e. If you are breastfeeding, bring the baby to the breast and let him/her begin suction to feed;
    f. If you are Bare-feeding, hold Bare® right side up (nipple on top, base at the bottom) and offer it to the baby in that same position. Let the baby begin suction to feed.

  2. Knees up:

    Best bonding position as you can face and make eye-level contact with your little one at all times while feeding:
    How to get a free Bare Air-free
    a. Sit comfortably in your bed, lay back, and put your knees up on the bed;
    b. Sit your baby on your belly and let her rest her back on your legs;
    c. Hold Bare right side up and offer it to the baby. You don’t need to turn Bare® upside down to feed.

  3. Cradle Hold:

    This a great picture-perfect position!
    Best feeding positionfor babies with Acid Reflux
    a. Sit down on a couch and support your back;
    b. Sit your baby on your lap with her back resting on your forearm, then keep the baby as upright as you can;
    c. Offer Bare® to the baby while holding it right side up.

  4. Sit Up:

    This is when your baby faces you, as in a cooing conversation.
    Best feeding positionfor babies with Acid Reflux
    a. Wrap your fingers and thumb around the lower side of the baby’s head;
    b. Or sit and strap your baby in a high chair. Be sure to adjust the belt to fit snugly;
    c. Offer your baby a Bare® Air-free feeding system right side up and let her begin suction to feed.