Breastfeeding challenges gone with Bare Air-free feeding system

What to do when you want to breastfeed but you’re facing challenges and the more you feed your baby with ordinary bottles, your breastfeeding goals begin to fade? Feed your baby with Bare Air-free feeding system and start breastfeeding the same day!!. See how this mom was able to achieve her breastfeeding goals without any fuss.


How did you hear about Bare?
When i found out i was having a new addition, i decided that due to my work, i need to have bottles that work. I quickly began a google search as i wanted a bottle that the nipple resembled my breast. I wanted this because my previous children would never take a bottle and that made it impossible to work.

babyfeedingwithbareairfreeWhat made you decide to use Bare?
I decided and was sold on bare because i was amazed that the prefer latch nipple was exactly the same as my nipple.

Have you used other bottles?
Since my baby arrived i used the 4oz bare air free bottles along with a nuk 4oz bottle.

babyfeedingwithbarebabybottleIf you have, what difference do you see in your baby when feeding with Bare?
With the bare air free bottle she was calm, no more fussing and i found burping time was minimized. She immediately then goes to sleep.

Any difficulties with usage or care?
While feeding with bare i found that my baby fussed a bit and was having problems latching to the Perfe-latch nipple. I reached out for support from bare and I’ve found that due to the fact that I used the nuk bottles and a pacifier my baby found it difficult  as she had a shallow latch and would feed much better on the Easy-latch. With the easy latch she fed just like she does when she breastfeeds with breast milk as she is exclusively breastfed.

What can you tell other moms about Bare?
I would recommend bare to other moms due to the likeness of the breast. The parts are easy to clean and assemble. The no drip nipple is awesome. ( be sure to tighten the collar properly). Best of all its air-free! If using bare and the baby is strictly breast fed, avoid pacifiers and other bottles as they will make it difficult to use the Perfe-latch nipple.

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