Great-Breastfeeding-latch-BabiesChoosing the best baby bottle for your breastfed baby is one of, if not the most important item in your registry. Why? breastfeeding your baby brings feelings like nothing else. It is also one of the most rewarding moments between a mom and a baby and nothing should come between them.

For decades baby bottles, whether vented or with disposable bags, are known (and proven) to cause nipple confusion, easy feeding and bottle preference that quickly results in premature weaning due to the nature of their technology. Choosing the wrong bottle can quickly lead to the end the of the breastfeeding relationship.

Thanks to a breastfeeding mom, breastfed babies have a better option today: Bare® Air-free with Perfe-latch nipples. How is Bare different? Bare’s technology works with suction (as opposed to gravity), like the breast. Dispenses air-free milk, like the breast. And the Perfe-latch nipple promotes baby to latch on the areola (rather than just the tip) and upon suction, the tip extends inside the baby’s mouth, like the breast.

Based on the function of a syringe, (no air-vents or plastic bags like the other bottles) Bare® Air-free features an 100% silicone Air-plug® (piston) that allows the user to expel ALL the air out of the bottle before feeding the baby. And upon suction the Air-plug moves automatically to maintain an air-free environment and dispense air-free milk in any position.

Perfe-latch® supports and promotes breastfeeding: The short tip motivates baby to create a deep/wide latch onto the areola part of the nipple. Once a seal is established and baby initiates suction, the short nipple extends inside the baby’s mouth. Between the breastfeeding-like latch + air-free milk + baby controls flow & pace of feeding, the baby makes a very similar exercise as with the breast thus preventing nipple confusion, free feeding, bottle preference and premature weaning. See how Bare® helped a 4 month old alternate between breast and Bare®.

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