Quest to find Bare® babies, reality show webisodes S1E4

Watch this beautiful 4 month old, exclusively breastfed, take Bare Air-free with Perfe-latch nipple. After a week mom is able to go back to work‬. By alternating with breastfeeding and gradually introducing Bare with Perfe-latch nipple, Sophia gave it a chance and now she can be fed while mom is away and continue to breastfeed when mom comes back from work. We love Happy endings!! 

Introducing a bottle to an exclusively breastfed baby could be challenging. Let’s face it No Body Likes Change!!! Yes, that goes for babies too. But everybody is open to gradual change. We worked with Sophia for almost an hour during the first feeding. When meal time came, of course she was hungry. First thing to keep in mind: A hungry baby is less likely to cooperate with anything. So we followed rules with common sense:

  1. Breastfed as usual for about 2 minutes to take the edge off the hungry baby
  2. Introduced Bare with Perfe-latch® nipple. This nipple will allow her to create exactly the same latch and suction as with the breast. So the “change” is minimal.
  3. You may want to she feed just a little bit with it (about 1oz), then we stopped to burp.
  4. Alternate Bare and Breastfeeding, this will let the baby know that the breast is always there, and it’s ok to accept Bare for a limited time.
  5. During the first feeding, try doing 25% Bare and 75% breast, the next feeding do 50%-50%, and so on.
  6. With no nipple confusion, free feeding, bottle preference or premature weaning, you’ll be able to continue to breastfeed when you’re home and therefore extend the breastfeeding relationship for as long as you can.