Bare helps a baby with severe reflux

“These are the moments that really matter. After almost ten years of simply thinking: How can I help my baby stop his pain? and asking myself an obvious question: ‘If the air inside the bottle gives my baby gas, then the lack of air should prevent this” and taking an idea, impossible to many,  right into production, receiving a message like this makes think, my job is done!”

—Priska Diaz, Founder, and inventor of Bare® Air-free feeding system.

A Facebook message by Erika W.

Hi. I wanted to message you and ask that you pass along to the creator of this company my thanks. My son has tongue and lip tie and because of his NICU stay ended up on the bottle and eventually formula fed. We have tried every name brand bottle we can in the last 4 weeks. (He’s 5 weeks old) and nothing has worked. It would take him 45 minutes just to eat 2 and a half ounces and he would pull away a day of frustration throughout the bottle. He also has GERD so he vomits often and seems to be very gassy.

I stopped into babies r us to pick up something else, and there was a 2 pack of Bare bottles sitting there. After reading the box, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try after all nothing was working. Low and behold he latched right onto the bottle no problem. Then the amazing thing happened he didn’t pull away and cry and get frustrated. He got mad when I took the bottle away to burp him. I’ve been using these two bottles exclusively the last 2 days and he’s now eating 4 ounces in about 15 minutes. He is noticeably less fussy and gassy and seems much more happy and alert. I honestly believe we were starving him because he didn’t like any of the (typical) bottles and that’s why he’s been so fussy. His vomiting has also has gone down dramatically. I have literally cried all day because after being told by Dr’s his weight is a concern and seeing him struggle with eating it’s been such a blessing to see him eat and be happy to do so.

These bottles are a learning curve, and you have to take your time with making them. But that’s 100 percent ok with me to see him thriving. I did some research, and it said the mom who made them had issues and that’s why she created them. Please tell her to thank you. I truly believe they have turned our lives around. Sadly my babies r us was discontinuing them, so I only have the two. Please get them back in babies r us. They are so needed, and I am now telling everyone about these bottles a day the change I’ve seen in my son. He’s never smiled except in his sleep. Today was the first time he smiled at me and I believe it’s partially because for the first time he was content from having a full belly.