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Dr. Oz Bare Air Free

Best Baby products

We are having a media explosion as Bare® Air-free is featured as one of  “2018 Best Baby Products”. These segments aired on Fox, ABC and CBS TV stations. A 1-minute TV presentation takes an enormous effort behind cameras. Therefore we want to shout a big thanks to Carly and Sherry who took over the task […]

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Best feeding positionfor babies with Acid Reflux

Best feeding positions for babies with reflux

Upright Feeding Position for Babies with Reflux is one of the best kept secrets to a happy, comfortable baby. According to healthline, “A horizontal position makes it easier for the stomach contents to reflux into the esophagus”. The undeveloped digestive system is the reason why all babies are prone to experience acid reflux symptoms. Furthermore, a pilot clinical study concluded that […]

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