Last year, Bare® Air-free launched with a Pre-sale that instantly sold thousands of Bare® bottles. We were overwhelmed and happy to see Bare was making a difference in thousands of homes across the globe thanks to you. You have been highly influential by speaking from your own experiences and satisfaction to your friends about Bare. We know this because we get thousands of emails explaining exactly this. We thought it would be a good idea to reward you with cash when you refer your friends and they make a purchase. Take a look at this quick info-video to understand the program and open your free account.


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PRE-SALE event starts May 31st at 00:00 hrs. EST.

Start referring now and get $$ while enjoying the summer.




Unity is Strength

Looking back at our success last year, we can say “unity is strength”, Moms got together and spread the news about Bare®. You did such a great job that unavoidably, Bare® sold out. This gave us the opportunity to make a bitty upgrade back at the lab. Our new Bare® Air-free is now more user-friendly, durable and top rack dishwasher safe. 2015 brings a new & improved Air-plug as well as 2 different nipples: The New Easy-latch® nipple, specially designed for bottle-fed babies and our original Perfe-latch® nipple; the # 1 nipple preferred by breastfed babies. All you have to do is share your unique link with your friends to use when them make an online purchase at, then sit back and relax while we do the rest and deposit $$ in your PayPal account.

It takes an average web visitor 30 seconds to understand the concept behind Bare® Air-free and conclude that Bare’s exclusive Air-plug® technology represents a major step forward for baby bottles and make a purchase. Bare’s syringe-like technology features an Air-plug® (a watertight & airtight seal) that moves inside the bottle to deliver air-free milk and reduce air-ingestion. The original Perfe-latch® Nipple promotes and supports breastfeeding because it mimics a lactating breast by extending upon suction and promoting a deep/wide breastfeeding latch. The new Easy-latch® nipple is the easiest to latch on, it allows bottle-fed babies to create a fit latch and seal to further prevent air-swallowing. Both nipples feature Flow-Control® Technology: Different size orifices on the tip dispense different flow rates controlled by the baby’s sucking strength. With weaker suction (i.e. a newborn’s) only the larger orifice dispenses (the large orifice is about the orifice of a standard newborn nipple). With stronger suction (i.e. a 10 month old baby) all the other smaller orifices dispense – like nature intended.

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