Recommend Bare® to your friends and make $$

You are already recommending Bare® to other moms, so why not make some $$ doing what comes naturally?

The program is simple:

  1. Submit the form to register.
  2. Receive a link so you can open a free Bittylab Affiliate account.
  3. The system will generate a unique affiliate link for you.
  4. Send the link to your friends via email, text, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, blog, online store, etc.
  5. Every time your link leads to a sale you earn a 10% commission. After you reach $100 in commissions, you’ll start to earn 20% commission on all purchases by your referred friends.

Cool features

  • Get paid in cash via PayPal (never in points or store credit).
  • Get lifetime commissions on all future purchases by your referred friend (see below for details).
  • “Pushover” is an option that allows you to receive push notifications on your iOS or Android powered phone or tablet to get notified every time a new referral is awarded to your account.
  • Earn a commission on your own purchases using your referral links or coupon codes.
  • Manage your account from your dashboard where you can see orders numbers, items ordered total amounts and referral amounts for each of your referrals.
  • We provide you with monthly campaigns, new graphics, links, limited double commission events, coupon codes for you and your friends and more.
  • Customers have a choice to select an affiliate at checkout to receive the commission from their purchase when a referral link is not used.


  1. An automated commission is paid only when the sale is completed and shipped.
  2. Bittylab is not responsible for any payments, fees or charges that the affiliate may have incurred while promoting his/her link, other than commission once the sale is completed and shipped.
  3. Commission base excludes taxes, shipping and handling fees.
  4. Any commissions paid on returned items will be debited from your pending earned commissions.
  5. Bittylab is not responsible for any fees PayPal may incur, visit for terms.
  6. This program is available for US residents 18 years old or older.
  7. This program is only for retail products. All wholesale purchases are excluded.

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More details

  • You earn 10% commission on purchases by your referred friend every time he/she uses the link to get to our shop page. After you reach $100 in commissions, you’ll start to earn 20% commission on all new and future purchases by your referred friends.
  • When your referred friend clicks on your affiliate’s link and makes a purchase from our website, he/she is instantly linked to your affiliate account. When your referred friend returns to make another purchase on our website, you receive a commission, even if your friend visits our website directly. NOTE: A customer can only be linked to one affiliate account at a time.
  • If your referred friend makes a guest purchase (logged out) his/her email address is used to look up the linked affiliate. If he/she is logged in and his/her WordPress user ID is used.
  • If your referred friend ever uses a different email address while purchasing (logged in) or changes his/her email address from their WordPress profile, the new email address is stored with the linked affiliate (yours). This ensures that if your referred friend ever makes a purchase while logged out, you will still receive the commission on that sale.
  • Once the sale is completed, we will instantly pay your commission via PayPal.

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