bare bottle reviews❤❤❤❤❤

A 5-week old whose was loosing weight due to feeding issues, now thrives after when feeding with Bare Air-free, and no more GERDS.I’ve been using these two bottles exclusively the last 2 days and he’s now eating 4 ounces in about 15 minutes. He is noticeably less fussy and gassy and seems much more happy and alert. I honestly believe we were starving him because he didn’t like any of the (typical) bottles and that’s why he’s been so fussy. His vomiting has also gone down dramatically. I have literally cried all day because after being told by Dr’s his weight is a concern and seeing him struggle with eating it’s been such a blessing to see him eat and be happy to do so. He’s never smiled except in his sleep. Today was the first time he smiled at me and I believe it’s partially because for the first time he was content from having a full belly.  Read the full story here