Clinical findings show that 75% of infants no longer had acid reflux after two weeks using the Bare Air-Free Feeding System

A new clinical study conducted by Evelyn Ramirez-Coombs, CUNY Graduate Center, and Bittylab is giving parents and pediatricians a non-drug option when treating infant acid reflux. The study found that after a two-week trial using the Bare Air-Free feeding system 75% of infants no longer had symptoms of acid reflux, and there was a 52% reduction in their GER score.

Acid reflux, also known as gastroesophageal reflux (GER) affects two-thirds of  4-month olds, yet there has never been a proven method to reduce or eliminate its symptoms. Desperate parents often turn to pediatricians who will prescribe acid reflux medications (also known as proton pump inhibitors) to babies more than four months old even though there is no research to show medications are effective in normally-developing infants.

According to Eric Hassall, a pediatric gastroenterologist from Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation in San Francisco, “There is no science that backs using proton pump inhibitors for infants, but there is ‘GERD mania.’  The largest clinical trial in infants found that a proton pump inhibitor was no better than placebo.”

The Bare Air-Free feeding system design was inspired by a mother’s breast as it only dispenses air-free milk upon suction.  This innovative air-free technology is now clinically proven to eliminate reflux symptoms, gas and colic due to the following:

  • Air-Free Milk: The unique syringe-like design dispenses air-free milk to prevent gas buildup.
  • Upright Feeding: Bare doesn’t have to be turned upside down like other bottles, which allows baby to feed in an upright position to reduce regurgitation of stomach acids.
  • Baby-Controlled Flow: The ability for baby to control the flow and pace of feeding with suction-flow – not gravity-flow – to help prevent overfeeding.
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“We were inspired to conduct this study after receiving feedback from multiple parents about how our product helped manage their infant’s acid reflux,” says Priska Diaz, mom and founder of Bittylab, makers of Bare Air-Free feeding system.  “I’m so glad we are finally able to offer a solution with scientific evidence for infants (and parents) seeking relief from acid reflux and we look forward to advancing this research.”

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The study tracked changes in GER symptoms in 122 infants over a two-week period using the Bare Air-Free feeding system exclusively.  The infants were divided into two groups. The GER group was defined as infants with clinically significant ratings of GER symptoms based on the Infant- GER Questionnaire (I-GERQ), an empirically validated measure for infant presentation of GER, used by both researchers and clinicians. A sample of infants with typical GI functioning were also recruited and placed in the control group. After a two-week trial of using Bare Air-Free, parents reported significant decreases in GER symptoms via the same I-GERQ. Approximately 75% of babies in the high GER group no longer met clinical criteria for GER, and showed a 52% reduction in symptoms. Furthermore, the data revealed that even control group babies saw a 49% reduction in GI discomfort after using Bare.
 Overall, Bare Air-Free was found to be effective in reducing clinical symptoms of GER in infants, and is found to be beneficial for GI/feeding discomfort in typical babies as well.

To see full study results and methodology, click here.