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How to feed with Bare bottles

How to get a Bare® Air-free feeding system at no cost

We have been getting tons of requests on how to get Bare® Air-free feeding systems as a freebie. Bare® Air-free is specially designed to dramatically minimize symptoms of Infant GER and GERD. Gastroesophageal Reflux refers to the constant spit up of stomach contents, which causes pain and endless hours of crying. Bare® is the only feeding system that uses syringe technology. This innovative design eliminates the air from inside the container, so your baby doesn’t have to deal with it. Traditional baby bottles infiltrate and retain air. If you see empty space inside these bottles, that space is filled with air. Don’t let deceiving advertising fool you!. The air inside baby bottles, unavoidably, mixes with the milk, and your baby swallows it. Air-swallowing creates painful gas colic and exacerbates GER and GERD symptoms.

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What is it worth to have a calm, happy baby after every meal?

Imagine bliss with your baby… stress-free meals, no spit ups, no projectile vomit, no painful gas, no midnight colic. A happy baby is priceless! We want to help stressed parents experiencing this feeling. 

Get a free Bare® Air-free

If you are a Bare® Air-free user and want to get more for free, do the following:

  1. Leave us a review on any of our drop-shipping partners (amazon or buybuybaby)
  2. Email us a screenshot and link of your approved review ([email protected])
  3. Indicate if you want a 4oz or 8oz with Easy-latch® or Perfe-latch® nipples.
  4. Don’t forget to add your order number, full name, and address.
  5. Your freebie will be on its way the next day.

Pregnant parents

If you are pregnant, we suggest you learn more about our technology, its medical benefits, and usage, so you can make informed decisions for your baby. Don’t get overwhelmed, get smart, and learn the differences between bottle-feeding and Bare®-feeding. Be sure to register to hear about new research, partnerships, giveaways, and events.

Babies with symptoms

If your baby is experiencing symptoms of gas, spit-ups, fuss, GER, or diagnosed GERD, try Bare® before you stop breastfeeding or add drugs. If your baby’s symptoms go away when using Bare® with breastmilk, then it’s obvious your breastmilk is not the problem. Studies show that OTC and prescription drugs are not effective and cause a long list of side effects. Bare® Air-free is the only feeding device clinically proven to dramatically minimize severe gas, midnight colic, GER, and GERD symptoms. Therefore, Bare® Air-free should be your first choice as soon as you see spit-ups, daytime fuss, midnight colic, and/or gas pains. Then, scroll up to the top and get more for free!

Learn how to use Bare® Air-free

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