After the long announcement for our Pre-sale event, it finally happened!


By invitation only, on June 18th at exactly midnight Bare® went live. Hundreds if not thousands of fans and registrants of Bittylab flocked to our site to pre-order Bare® bottles.  Suddenly the Facebook page and twitter became our center of attention when customers couldn’t pre-order. Comments were coming by the dozens in seconds. Emails poured in faster than we could scan the subject. Phones were ringing off the hook. Our site had crashed and no one could enter a pre-order #Strike 1! Quickly we resolved the issue with the IT support of our web host. Now it’s 20 minutes after 12am and pre-orders were still coming. Once the multitude of comments, email and calls were answered, at around 3am we took a little rest.

The morning after was amazing. I sat at my desk and saw we had over 1000 orders. Is it that Google is hiding it from me? Or is it that no other baby bottle has ever sold this many during a pre-sale? My first call went to the plant to ask if could increase the order so we could continue the pre-sale without running out of inventory.  Over the next few days the pre-orders began to taper off. We figured a couple of weeks should be plenty of time for our fans and followers to pre-order.  But now it’s time to let the whole world know that Bare® is here and available to everyone.

We’re getting calls from retailers. Now meetings and negotiations are going to fill my schedule. Everyone wants to sell Bare® and some retailers want exclusivity!  I have some tough decisions to make!  I always wondered what would happen if we showed up in an episode of Shark Tank, Would Kevin and Mark be jumping over each other to get a piece of my business? Or would they say… “Wait, you signed an exclusivity deal with so and so?  I’m out”

To pre-order now, go to Use coupon code
 julypresale  for a 10% off your pre-orders.


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