Parenthood is an extreme privilege, yet some of us are not really equipped to deal with its inherent nuances. As proud as you may be of the tiny fruit borne by your loins, caring for little you can cause ninety-nine different forms of chaos. Here are the first 5;

1. The Puke…

You may well laugh now, because you certainly won’t with a face load. Your DNA’s carrier, small as he is right now, can almost puke his weight in milk. Choosing the right feeding tools can be confusing, time consuming and overwhelming. Be sure to use Bare® Air-free baby bottles designed to minimize air-intake that’s known to cause gas, colic and projectile vomit. Otherwise, learn how to get out of the way – fast!

2. The Poop!

You feed him so he can grow up to be big and strong, yet he is tiny now and can hold only so much. Pour it down one end and your progeny will throw it out the other! What do you do with it? As tempting as it can be, never flush a diaper. Flush solid waste only and if you use cloth diapers, easily wash residue off with SprayPal.

3. The Burp

Don’t be surprise if your neighbor gives you a dirty look. Mini-you can release some healthy bodily sounds that can scare himself. Then he’ll have the biggest smile on his face, which translates into “I threw up a little in my mouth, and it’s on you too”. Having a Le swipe burping cloth permanently hanging off your shoulder can save your favorite shirt.

4. The Crying

Parenthood can be very stressful at times but you have to admit, you love it! Babies have very particular likes, from their favorite spot on your bed to their favorite tune. They will vocalize clearly and in detail what they want… with a single cry. To help you understand the new language, The clueless father has created step-by-step videos. Take a look, they can be a life-saver.

5. The Endless Nights

Your bundle of joy will grow up to further spread your DNA and become bigger than you in every way, but until then, he needs your help…for everything. As parent, you have to make sure you provide your undivided/unconditional attention at all times –day and night!. Look for the suggested parent-invented products and advice that can make your life a little easier. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below for a chance to win all 3 products.

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