Bare bottle review❤❤❤❤
I bring the bottle to my daughter, who is sitting (remember, she is 10 months) and I place it up to her mouth… she starts to kind of chew on the nipple a bit… she’s got two teeth on the bottom and is likely teething on the top… so I figure the nipple feels good on her gums. Then she starts to sort of wrap her mouth around it a bit… and I think to myself… omigosh… this may actually work! I push the bottom part (the base) up a bit to show her that there is something in there… and she kind of pulls away. I’m thinking she doesn’t really know what she’s drinking (she hasn’t had water yet), so I race upstairs to try this with breastmilk. I lay my daughter against a pillow, so she is slightly inclined, she starts chewing on it again… so I give a little push of milk. She swallows, keeps chewing… swallows again… keeps chewing… then before I know it, she has latched on and is taking pulls off the bottle. I am in utter disbelief. I had literally given up on giving my daughter bottles months ago, after repeated purchase of new bottles, and repeated failure. Before I know it, through pulls here and there, and some more chewing, she has drank the full 3 ounces that I heated up. I seriously can’t believe it. I called my sister-in-law to tell her we had a bottle success (she’s fed my daughter with a syringe when I’ve had a long day of working in the past and knows what I’m up against). She tells me that she’s giving me 3 months before she takes my kids for the night. When my husband returns, he jokes that we’ll drop the kids off with her in 2 hours. Wow. Wouldn’t that be something… to be able to have an evening with my husband… without having to worry about my daughter crying, being hungry, needing her mama… I mean, I want to be needed, and her to know that I am there, always, but having to work around her not taking a bottle is tough…”