bare bottle reviews


“My son was started on the Similac sensitive due to him spitting up and being really gassy. A few weeks passed and his spit and gas was worse! He would scream each time he ate. After trying three different formulas, someone had mentioned that it may be the bottles. He was born 3 weeks early and it took him a little while to figure out how to even suck a bottle, so I was always a little nervous to try new bottles. After trying 3 different bottles, I found the Bare air-free bottles! I decided to give them a try. He took straight to the bottle, unlike the others I tried. It put my mind at ease when you could actually see all the air go out. I had a happy baby again! None of the usual spit up, no extra gas, and no screaming while feeding! I never knew just a simple bottle change could make such a change in a baby. I highly recommend these to anyone! Thank you for this amazing bottle! I wish these were around when my little girl was born! She was excited to see the bottles too, lol! She’s like a mini mommy to her brother.”

–Brianna B.