No more GERD Symptoms!

Bare bottle review❤❤❤❤❤
After two days of exclusivity with bare, 95% of Jordan’s symptoms had subsided…

“This may seem a bit dramatic, but I bottle/formula fed my first two children and I was adamant that I was not going to deal with gas and colic-like I had through the entire infant stage of my first two children, I chose to breastfeed Jordan and he was so sweet for the first two months, but ever since we were forced to introduce bottles at three months due to an allergy to my milk, we have basically been consoling a very unhappy baby 24/7. Jordan never slept, was never satisfied, cried and moved constantly, was gassy, colicky, and had acid reflux. Being a full-time nursing student and full-time mother of three (4yrs, 1yr, and 5mo) I have desperately and unsuccessfully been searching for any and every solution. After two days of exclusivity with Bare, 95% of Jordan’s symptoms had subsided and he was a totally different baby, back to his sweet self, constantly smiling and laughing, and actually slept all night for the first time ever. Bare has allowed me to enjoy my baby being a baby, instead of just wishing for the time to pass until he is off the bottle.”

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