Haley K., showing off her exclusively breastfed baby supplementing with Bare® Air-free on instagram.
“I don’t normally post stuff like this/ advertise but anyone who knows us knows how incredible this picture is! Lilly took a bottle for the first month no problem, then suddenly stopped and only wanted me. Needless to say, (and I say this with all of the love in my heart) the last 2 months have been a nightmare! We tried every single bottle out there! Nothing worked. She screamed and cried the second the bottle touched her lips. Then I came across the ‘Bare Air-Free Bottle’ [Bare® Air-free feeding system] and it has truly been a miracle! It has an original “perfe-latch nipple” which extends while the baby is eating to mimick the feel of an actual nipple, and it also prevents gas and reduces acid regurgitation for anyone with those issues. Sure, we’ve only used it a couple times but any momma going through what we are going through knows how it feels to make a Target run and have to rush back to feed the baby! If you know anyone who is having trouble getting their baby to take a bottle, I highly recommend this! #BareAirFreeBottle @bittylab #NowICanTakeANap