Bare Air-free for Professionals

Welcome to “Bare® Air-free for Professionals” program. We’re thrilled to partner with you to help moms learn about the best options for their babies. Please register for a free 30-minute webinar covering an in-depth education on Bare® Air-free benefits, usage, customization, feeding techniques, and Q & A, so you can inform your client/patient and confidently answer their questions.

Bare® Air-free feeding system is a healthier alternative to baby bottles. With patented Air-plug® technology:

  • Bare® feeds baby AIR-FREE milk (to prevent gas buildup),
  • Promotes UPRIGHT position (to reduce regurgitation of stomach acids into the mouth)
  • Lets the baby CONTROL the FLOW/PACE of feeding (to discourage over-feeding behaviors).

These three advancements lead to breakthrough clinical findings:

Bare® Air-free significantly reduced Acid Reflux symptoms in 75% of babies, in the first two weeks. Bare® offers two nipples:

  • The Perfe-latch, designed for exclusively breastfed babies. It requires babies to create a breastfeeding-like latch.
  • The Easy-latch is for babies that have been fed with baby bottles (either breastmilk or formula). It provides a comfortable, close seal to further prevent any air-swallowing.

Please fill out the form below and book your webinar time after registering (limited to 10 people per session). This program includes a 30-minute webinar, a free sample (to be mailed within the Continental US only) and literature material. You must confirm your registration to be able to have access to the sample ordering page.

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