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New York March 11, 2014.

LatinaMagEastchester, NY   — Today the April issue of Latina Magazine hit the stands with Bittylab’s Peruvian CEO, Priska Diaz featured in an article about Latin women who built money making companies from home. Bittylab® launched Bare® Air-free Baby Bottles in August of 2013, closing off the year with sales worth over $70,000.

Priska Diaz, 38 is the founder/CEO of Bittylab and inventor of the new Bare® Air-free Baby Bottles. The mother of two has been working in the development of the innovative product for nearly 3 years. Upon completion, Diaz initiated a pre-sale event online, selling over 1,000 orders in the first 24 hours. The highly acclaimed product is now in the hands of thousands of moms,  helping thousands of babies with gas, colic and nipple confusion issues. Bare® Air-free is for sale on

Bare® works like a syringe to feed baby air-free milk at all times. “As my baby kept getting gassier every time I bottle-fed him, I knew that I needed a baby bottle that didn’t allow air inside. I tried all the leading baby bottle brands but they all made my baby very gassy. Then I thought syringes! that’s the solution!” said Diaz and took that as a motivation to create what is now the only air-free baby bottle in the market. She set to work with a Dremel tool on her kitchen table, creating a prototype bottle made from existing packages and baby bottle components. Once she had a prototype that worked to her satisfaction, she worked with industrial designers, medical device engineers and plastic resin engineers to develop a fully engineered, production ready product. Together with the manufacturer selected, Diaz tested an endless number of  part designs and custom resin formulations to optimize the design.  After two years of intense effort, Diaz perfected the design and placed her first order for 10,000 units.

Bare® features a patent-pending Perfe-latch® nipple which is designed to make the baby suck in a way that closely emulates breastfeeding. The short nipple stimulates baby to open his/her mouth wide to latch onto the areola part of the nipple. Once a seal is established and baby initiates suction, the tip extends inside the baby’s mouth, like mom’s nipple. Additionally, the nipple features several, different size orifices on its tip. With weaker suction (i.e. a newborn’s) only the larger orifice dispenses (the large orifice is about the orifice of a standard newborn nipple). With stronger suction (i.e. a 10 month old baby) additional smaller orifices dispense (like the mom’s nipple). “It was important for me to breastfeed my baby but  my pediatrician told me to supplement due to insufficient milk production. I introduced standard baby bottles and my baby weaned himself very quickly.  I was crushed” says Diaz, a breastfeeding advocate.  “I believe that a combination of education about the importance of breastfeeding for the first twelve months and Bare®, a device that lets breastfeeding moms bottle feed their baby without causing nipple confusion, while she’s not available, can raise the breastfeeding statistics in the US”, commented Priska Diaz. “Breastfeed for as long as you can, we’re here to help” is Bare’s slogan.

The synergistic effect of Bare’s innovative nipple and air-plug technologies allow baby to control the milk flow with sucking strength.  Bare allows mom to expel all the air inside the bottle and minimizes backwash to reduce bacteria-growth and preserve nutrients, keeping milk fresh longer and healthier.

Because Bare® works with suction as opposed to gravity (like all other bottles), Bare® is the only baby bottle that can feed in upright position. Pediatricians recommend upright feeding to:

  • Help prevent gas, colic, fuss & spit-ups
  • Calm acid reflux/GERD symptoms
  • Help prevent ear infections
  • Encourage proper feeding posture
  • Promote self-feeding
  • Stimulate bottle weaning
  • Improve transition to cups

In an independent trial, we found that babies diagnosed with symptoms of Acid Reflux and GERDS showed up to 95% improvement after feeding with Bare® for a couple of days. Some babies were even taken off the GERDS medication prescribed by their doctors. See some of the testimonials here

In the same trial, Babies who were never able to breastfeed (due to numerous issues such as mom’s low milk supply, poor latching, nipple confusion, etc.) learned, by using Bare, to latch on the breast and were able to reinstate breastfeeding even after 3-4 months.

About Bittylab®, LLC
Bittylab®, LLC, is headquartered in New York City, NY and was founded in June of 2010 by mom and entrepreneur Priska Diaz. Bittylab was created with the mission of offering innovative products that raise the bar with quantifiable benefits for mom and baby. Bittylab’s first line of products is the Bare® Air-free baby bottle, the first and only air-free feeding system and mimics the mechanics of breastfeeding as well as the shape, texture and movement of a mother’s breast.