A healthier alternative to baby bottles.

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  • better than baby bottles

    Bare® Air-free is a healthier alternative to baby bottles.

    • Dispenses air-free milk to prevent gas build up
    • Feeds baby in Upright position to reduce reflux
    • Let’s the baby control the flow & pace to discourage overfeeding

    BareAir-freePerfeLatchOur original Perfe-latch® is the #1 preferred nipple by breastfed babies

    Naturally… the best!

  • Air-plug moves to deliver Air-free milk.

    Air-plug® technology

    • Bare® allows you to expel the air before feeding
    • Air-plug® moves automatically with suction to deliver air-free milk
    • 100% silicone, durable and dishwasher-safe (top rack)

    Air-free milk prevents gas build up


what are moms saying

Bare® Air-free feeding system is a healthier alternative to baby bottles. Without air-vents or bags, Bare® Air-free provides pioneer technology in the feeding category offering three major advancements:

Dispenses AIR-FREE milk to prevent gas build up.
Feeds in an UPRIGHT position to reduce regurgitation of stomach acids into the mouth.
Lets baby FLOW/PACE Control to discourage over-feeding behaviors.

These 3 advancements lead to breakthrough clinical findings: Bare® Air-free significantly reduced Acid Reflux symptoms in 75% of babies, in the first 2 weeks. Bare® also, exponentially reduced gas, colic and fuss in babies. Together with our Perfe-latch® nipple, Bare® helps initiate, reinstate and extend breastfeeding while supplementing.

How does Bare® Air-free work

What’s the difference?

Bare® Air-free Feeding System:

airfree milkAir-free milk: helps prevent gas build up;
upright feeding is goodUpright position: reduces acid regurgitation;
Flow control technologyFlow & pace control: discourages over-feeding behavior;
promotes breastfeedingPromotes breastfeeding: perfe-latch® nipple helps initiate, reinstate and extend breastfeeding while supplementing.

Traditional baby bottles:

vented bottles retain airAir infiltration: increases air-swallowing and gas build up;
horizontal feeding is harmfulHorizontal feeding position: induces acid regurgitation;
vented bottles create nipple confusionEasy feeding: leads to overfeeding;
vented bottles disrupt breastfeedingNipple confusion: constant flow results in bottle preference.

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