If you’re in the NYC area, you must attend this fun event.

LadyDrinks September Edition: Panel on MOMPRENEURSHIP is going to be the best ever. Both my women’s empowerment teacher Jennifer Macaluso-Gilmore and Shobha CEO/Founder Shobha Tummala engage in teaching women how to advocate on their own behalves everyday. Both are powerful speakers and you wont’ walk away without tangible pieces of advice you can put it into use right away. Thank you Soignee Kothari Mehta for giving us the beautiful space to hold this event and also sharing your pearls of wisdom on entrepreneurship.As a first, we are livestreaming this panel so if you aren’t in the NYC area, you can still listen in for a small fee. It’s Thurs, Sept 5th 6-9pm at Soigne K, 717 Madison Ave. Early Bird Pricing ends August 29th: https://ladydrinksmompreneur.eventbrite.com/