Last week, Kaffury Lating Magazine went through a Bare®-mania, social media explosion!!. Viviana Kaffury, Senior Editor & Executive Director interviewed Bittylab’s CEO, Priska Diaz. Diaz, who just a few weeks prior, was honored by Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino during Hispanic Heritage Month. “This year’s pilot clinical study is a major milestone for Bittylab, our product can stop the Acid reflux mania affecting over 2.7 million infants every year” says the Mom inventor.

What started as a personal project in an effort help her own baby with feeding discomforts, is now on the verge of becoming a medical device for the treatment and prevention of infant reflux.

Priska relocated to the United States from her native Peru at the age of 17. Her early educational focus for the arts led to a successful career as professional designer. Priska financed her college education by designing for small design studios & printing shops. In 2000, she obtained her Baccalaureate Degree in Design, with honors from the City University of New York. Before she officially graduated Priska accepted a Creative Director position and ran the design department at this college for the next five years. Priska personally attained numerous achievement awards for her commissioned work from local, national and international industry entities/publishers. Her determination to continue rising in this career made Priska work twice as hard to receive, in 2003, a Master of Science in Communications Design and Packaging from Pratt Institute. Since then Priska has worked for world class beauty giants in the position of Art Director, where her work received accolades from her peers and high profile executives in the beauty industry.

In 2010 and after two years of hands-on experience as a new mother, Priska decided it was time to turn her attention to the baby industry and apply her design skills to create innovative, beautifully designed products with real benefits for mothers and babies. Tickled by the challenge, Priska registered BITTYLAB, LLC in the state of NY in June of 2010, and for the next several years, she sat at her kitchen table to work on perfecting her air-free design. From hand-made prototypes to first production, proof of concept and market test, Priska has single handed, developed a disruptive technology in a category that sat still for decades. Bare® Air-free is the first and only feeding system to offer air-free feedings while in upright position and lets the baby control the flow and pace. These 3 benefits, has been clinically proven to significantly reduce acid reflux symptoms in 75% of babies.