heartsWe never know when are we really “in love”. Is love desire? Is love trust? Is love real?

I’m in love. I know it because day after day I look forward to:

See your big bright eyes filled with excitement to see me;
Pick you up in my arms and hold your small body close to mine;
Squeeze your soft, tender, almost mushy, flesh;
Wake up in the middle of the night and watch over you to make sure you are still warm and breathing;
Help you place your arms the right way so you can crawl;
Hold your hand when you learn how to walk.

Everyday is a new day with you, sometimes full of challenges, sometimes filled with laughs. Do you make me mad? Yes, you sure do, but madness quickly melts when I see your pretty face. I often wonder how long before I have to let you go?

You are my life. You are my world. Give me your heart, you will always have mine. Happy Valentine’s Day to my precious daughter.