Great advances in technology have made the unimaginable possible. However, some industries, like the baby bottle industry, have stood still for several decades. In this picture, an 11-month old baby is trying to feed herself with her vented baby bottle. As tiny as she is, she figured out Newton’s Law of Gravity: “one must turn the bottle upside down in order to feed”. The baby then tilted her head and neck way back in order to feed. But for how long can a baby hold her head in this position?  Not for long. This baby stopped to rest her neck in the forward position every minute or two. Eventually, she laid down while drinking her milk. As responsible parents, why would we subject our babies to such as an uncomfortable way to feed?. Is laying down or reclining a recommended feeding position?. Certainly not!  Getting a child accustomed to feeding while laying down isn’t recommended by pediatricians because it leads to unhealthy eating habits such as overfeeding and could create a potential choking hazard.


Thanks to recent technological advances, the concept of air-vents in baby bottles is now obsolete. Bare® Air-free baby bottle works like a syringe to expel any air inside the bottle and dispense air-free milk upon suction only, in any position, completely independent of gravity.

Because Bare® works with suction as opposed to gravity (like all other bottles), Bare® is the only baby bottle that can feed in any position including upright. Pediatricians recommend upright feeding to:

  • Help prevent gas, colic, fuss & spit-ups
  • Calm acid reflux/GERD symptoms
  • Help prevent ear infections
  • Encourage proper feeding posture
  • Promote self-feeding
  • Stimulate bottle weaning
  • Improve transition to cups

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