Diaper_tipsChanging a diaper is a skill that calls for organization, commitment, patience and takes a lot of practice to master. Your mission is to remove the steamy matter (hopefully all on the diaper) in less than 55 seconds, as I said, it takes practice. Remember that your innocent partner, wrapped around the ticking clock, lacks the necessary motor skills to make diaper changing easy… wait, pretty much to make anything easy, so expect no cooperation. However, he’d like to be informed of every step of the execution, so narrate everything –in a fairytale style– before you execute. Besides, it’s always safe if the right hand knows what the left hand is doing, you know, to avoid misunderstandings.

1. Plan your strategy

Safety first, remember that anything can happen while you’re changing a diaper, mini you will move, turn, wiggle, roll over, cry, crawl or walk off the working table, so make sure all safety points are covered. Use a pad like Poopoose, which has a wide, swaddle-like strap to secure the baby to the pad while you do the dirty job. Now about YOUR safety, make sure the area is well ventilated and have plenty of room around you. If you follow these steps to the tee, you won’t need to wear a hazard suit.

2. Get your gear ready

Don’t kid yourself, you are on the clock while changing a diaper so stop wasting your time and get in there. Setting up the area with adequate tools will save you a lot of time. Organize your diapers and wipes with this cool Diaper/Wipe caddy from Bobee. Takes 2 seconds to mount it to the wall and load with supplies, Mom will be impressed. As if diaper changing isn’t messy enough, you don’t need to get your hands all slippery with creams and ointments. To prevent diaper rash, open a Lovey’s Tushi Stick, all-natural diaper ointment and place it within reach, this product is cloth diaper friendly.

3. Be immensely patient

Nobody is born knowing everything, changing a diaper is not easy for anyone at first and it takes practice to become a master. When people tell you that as long as you’ll be changing diapers, you will be peed upon, they are right. Boys especially, come equipped with a loaded wee-wee and without any warning, it could shoot at any time. Make sure the little family jewel is always covered until you’re ready to close the clean diaper.

4. Execute Carefully

So here’s the bread and butter. After your little bundle of joy is safely strapped on the poopoose changing pad, un-snap (if cloth diaper) or open the Velcro tabs (if disposable) slowly but quickly assess the situation. Pull the front of the diaper out, and with one hand hold both feet up high. Make sure you get a good grip on these little piggies, you’ll be holding them in the same position for a while. Use the front of the diaper (if clean, relatively speaking) as toilet paper and wipe off as much mess as you can –quickly–. Move the loaded diaper away, grab wipes from the bobee and start wiping until clean then slip a clean diaper under baby’s tush. Your Lovey’s Tushi Stick is ready to be use, apply a generous, even coat on all exposed parts. As you can imagine, you only have one free hand to do all this, so you better gear up with the right tools or life can get very complicated for you. Finally, let go the little feet and pull the front of the diaper over to cover the baby’s front and snap away (or Velcro-close). Your baby is now spanking clean and smelling like baby again.

5. Properly dispose of the trophy

Not so fast, one more step and you’re done. Get the baby off the poopoose mat and place him in a safe area so you can clean up. As tempting as it is, never flush a diaper (cloth or disposable). Only flush solid waste, and if you use cloth diapers, easily wash residue off with a diaper sprayer and a Spray Pal (a patent pending sprayer splatter shield) to prevent ending up with a freckle-face. Store all stained garment/cloth diapers, etc. in a Jaq Jaq Bird Perfect Wet Bag, a proprietary fabric, PoetiCoat,™ reusable, machine-washable wet bag until it’s time for laundry.

Keep calm and may the force be with you! Look for the suggested mom-invented products that can make your life a easier. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below for a chance to win all 5 products or buy them below.

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