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Start breastfeeding with Bare® Air-free

How can a “baby bottle” will help me breastfeed my baby when it’s well-known that baby bottles disrupt breastfeeding?, asked a mom when I suggested her to use Bare® Air-free to help with breastfeeding. This mom was absolutely right! Baby bottles are proven to abruptly disrupt breastfeeding permanently, even after only a one time use. Therefore, it is recommended that breastfeeding moms stay away from baby bottles.

Bare® Air-free is not a baby bottle. It is a giant syringe that feeds upon suction only. The Perfe-latch® nipple offers a short tip that allows the babies to latch on the areola part of the nipple and when suction begins, the tip extends inside their mouths. These benefits mimic the “mechanics” of breastfeeding very closely and trains the baby to create a wide latch and transfer milk via suction.

Reinstating breastfeeding with Bare® Air-free

Brittany, a pumping mom who had tried to breastfeed every day for seven weeks, couldn’t help her baby to latch. Her baby boy Matthew was breastfeeding two days in the hospital until they gave him a soothe and ever since he would not latch back on her breast. With the introduction of baby bottles, he lost the ability to latch wide or even create suction to feed. Even though Brittany tried to put him at the breast every day without success, she didn’t give up. She decided to give Bare® Air-free a try. Her son latched on it very fast and used it the whole day. The next day, as she did every day, put her baby at the breast, and for the first time, he latched. He detached a couple of times but he latched right back and then he latched any time she offered him the breast. Brittany was able to reinstate breastfeeding by using Bare® Air-free with Perfe-latch® nipples.


I wish it could be this easy for moms to start or reinstate breastfeeding. The reality is, most moms will have to try harder than just one day. Check out our list of tips for reinstating breastfeeding. Read more stories on Bare® Air-free and the breastfeeding journey.

The Breastfeeding Giveaway

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