Breastfed baby
Exclusively breastfed baby easily takes Bare® with Perfe-latch®.

When I introduced Bare to my baby, she had no hesitation to latch to it as if she was being breastfed. There was no fighting or screaming! And I have also not had any issues with going back and forth from the breast to the bottle. It’s like a miracle!

I have tried about 8 different bottles and haven’t been able to get my daughter to take to any of them. She is exclusively breastfed and I have been needing to go back to work. She wanted nothing to do with them. She would scream and cry. Try to push them away. She just wanted nothing to do with them. I would be gone up to 8 hours a day thinking that she’ll eat if she was hungry. But she didn’t. She would go the entire time screaming and starving.

I came across Bare air-free Perfe-latch bottles and seen reviews so I decided to order some. The bottle was so easy to assemble! Before I got it, I watched a video of an exclusively breastfed baby that took right to the bottle and knew I had to try it! So after watching a video on YouTube about how to assemble it, I had a good idea on how to do so by the time it arrived. And I was able to get it right away!

The moment I got it set up, my daughter took to it immediately! I just have to say I am so grateful for having Bare! It has definitely been my life saver as I am now able to go back to work without having to worry about my daughter going hungry! Definitely would highly recommend them!

Sarah F. from Sparta WI


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