PPD (postpartum depression) is a serious condition that needs to be treated. See how Bare® Air-free helped a mom suffering from PPD get treatment while feeding her ‘stubborn’ breastfed baby.

PPD treatments can interfere with breastfeeding

Bare® air-free is designed to help nursing moms breastfeed longer by helping to prevent nipple confusion. They also help in ways that we could never have imagined as evident by the following story.

A mom suffering from severe postpartum depression called Bittylab to request a sample.  She was desperate to begin treatment, but the medication she required was not safe for her breastfed baby. After ten months of exclusively breastfeeding, she wanted to wean her baby so she could start the suggested PPD treatment for the sake of her well-being and her family’s. She tried different baby bottles on the market only to realize that her baby rejected every one of them.

As a mother who experienced mild PPD, I could relate to her situation.  I was thinking, what a heroine she was! We had a few unused samples left from our January trials so I sent one to her hoping that Bare® could help. For a couple of weeks, we didn’t hear anything. I figured if her breastfed baby does not transition to Bare®, maybe she can wait a little longer to get her on sippy cups. I was very worried since she confided she had suicidal thoughts.

PPD on its way out!

Just this week, we received an email from her and here’s what she said:

“I cannot thank you enough for helping me wean my baby off of breastfeeding. Your product is innovative, advanced, and so unique. It is in a market of its own and there is no comparison to any other bottles out there. I believe that due to the design and engineering of your bottle, my breastfed baby was able to finally drink from a bottle. I now can seek the medical attention and help that I desperately need to be a better mother to both of my children, as well as a better wife to my husband. You have helped me and my family in so many more ways than I can list. Thank you so much… I owe so much to all of you at Bittylab!

A note to all the parents out there trying the Bittylab Bare bottle… It does have a learning curve, but once the baby and parent get the hang of it, there will not be any more leaks and the baby will be able to latch on. It took me a while too, but I refused to give up as I knew you guys were my last hope. Lol. And sure enough, like you said, my baby eventually got the hang of it.”

—H.S., Temecula CA

I always thought, if my product can help one mom to make her life a little easier, I have done my job :).