Bittylab, LLC, is a WBE, WOSB Certified, MedTech start-up that designs and develops products for infants, and is one of the few Latina-led, founded, and women-owned MedTech startups in the US.

About Bittylab is WBE-certified
About Bittylab is WOSB-certified

Led by Priska Diaz, MS, Founder and CEO, Bittylab designs and manufactures Bare® Air-free, a feeding system that provides babies AIR-FREE milk, in an UPRIGHT position & lets baby CONTROL the FLOW/PACE of feeding. These three advancements exponentially reduce gas, colic, and GER symptoms. Infant GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) affects 80% of premature and 66% of full-term babies, incurring a $41 BN annual expense in the US alone. We are determined to help lower the national statistics and establish an infant GERD-Free world for the generations to come.

Our mission is to deliver innovative, functional & technologically advanced products designed to solve specific baby & mother needs.

About Bittylab beginnings

With humble beginnings, Bittylab started at Priska’s kitchen table with her hand-made prototype after her baby began to show high symptoms of GER. After a successful ecosystem of our customer-based R&D and leveraged cost-effective awareness campaigns for the consumer market, Bittylab reached a groundbreaking clinical discovery in the seventh year; Bare® Air-free significantly reduced GER and GERD symptoms in 75% of babies in the first two weeks. The Bare® Air-free technology has been published in major news outlets such as CNBC Viral Video reaching 29+M views, Thrive Global, a special feature on leader women in STEM by International Edison Awards. Bare® Air-free has won the GOLD Edison Award for design and innovation, it is part of the permanent gallery at RedDot21, and was a finalist at the 2017 IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards for Industrial Designers). A pre-sale that raised $50,000 in the first 48 hours went viral by syndicated Entrepreneur Magazine, reposted by Fortune MagazineCNN MoneyCBSHuffington Post, among others.

What’s next for Bittylab

Due to the clinical benefits shown in a clinical study, Bittylab is currently in the process of regulatory compliance. Bare® Air-free aims to become the first low-risk and non-pharmacological medical device for the treatment and prevention of infant GER and GERD.